Buildings Administration

Our company will provide full management services for:
• Owners associations;
• Individual property management;
• Property management in residential villas or apartments;
• Administration property for office buildings, commercial and industrial management.
Our team of specialists, economists, lawyers, engineers or technicians with extensive experience in property management and, in particular, administration blocks. The services offered by our company are divided into seven departments, each department has the following responsibilities:

Financial department:
• The establishment and maintenance of accounting records and records specific to homeowners associations, in accordance with the law OMEF no. 1969 / 19.11.2007 (cash register, bank register, ledger, register for working capital repair fund, special funds, fund of penalties, including individual condominium sheet)
• Organization and management simple entry using information technology, under law 230/2007.
• Preparing and submitting, half of the situation to assets - liabilities of the owners association at district mayor, in compliance with Law 230/2007.
• Prepare monthly lists of payment of maintenance in accordance with legal regulations;
• Display with references centralizer expense calculation (undivided share expenses, number of people on the surface)
• Statements with owners who fall within the legal requirements for receiving grants awarded by the Romanian government for low-income pensioners, families with social problems and other disadvantaged groups;
• Editing payroll employees owners association;
• Filing online, with electronic signature tax returns for the owners employees;
• Payment of all invoices issued by suppliers.
• Opening a bank account on behalf of homeowners associations, banking operations, tracking payments and collections made by the bank;
• Collecting, frequency and the places specified in the contract allowance contribution to the running costs of the association owners and other revenues due to the owners association and are paying payments.

Technical Department:
• Regular inspection of joint ownership in order to remedy faults in common use facilities and eliminate losses which increase the owners' unjustified expenses (water leakage, etc.);
• Inspection of private property only with the owners in order to remedy faults in common use facilities and eliminate loses which increase unjustified costs for owners or the owners association (water leakage, etc.);
• Performs market research on suppliers of services and / or products formulated inquiries to suppliers, analyses advantageous offers in terms of quality - price ratio, transmit Executive Committee for analysis and deciding advantage in name association.
• Procurement of materials for maintenance and repair of the common property owners association;
• Pursuit of achieving owners association contracts with suppliers of goods and services;
• Supervision of repairs and attending their reception;
• Check biannual or quarterly (if applicable) index meter apartment, calculation of costs and expenses;
• Control of correct billing of consumption of electricity, heat, water, etc., depending on meter block index, according to the law and according to the norms of distribution of consumption;
• Control contractual obligations of staff employed by the association of owners for cleaning, loading and disposal of garbage and other activities. Referral to the Executive Committee in case of infringement;
• Preparation of internal regulations;
• Creating job descriptions for each employee association;
• Making small repairs to common property elements (replacement bulbs, switches, elements close to doors or windows, etc.). For them, the association of owners will bear only the cost of materials.

Legal department:
• Prepares statute, articles of incorporation and filing of documents dealing with housing associations to set up the relevant bodies in the jurisdiction where the association has its headquarters;
• Drafting legal documents;
• Representation in court, institutions;
• Summons to debtors and debt recovery.

What's recommend us?
• Experience in buldings administration
• Fairness in relation to the owners' association.
• Transparency in the relationship with tenants.