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Actor Group is an international consulting firm with extensive experience in tax planning, logistics, and financial organization in the field of business management. The company operates in various sectors, such as construction of buildings, administration buildings, setting up companies and project management. Together with our partners, professionals in the field, we cover all the needs of your company, seriously, which creates the premise of company success counseled. Our company headquarters is located in Bucharest, Romania, where we operate more than 10 years in construction with funding from their reserves and brought many projects to finish.
Actor Group is engaged in real estate development and investment priority foreign partners in Romania developing high quality projects to achieve capital gains from investments in emerging markets.
His work focuses on the residential sector, while the company invests heavily in selected properties by professionals in the field to develop and commercial sector.
Constructive interaction applies its expertise in construction, project management advising services and real estate investment studies.
With years of experience and continuous search for available opportunities Actor Group has hired high-quality staff with training and experience in the economic, commercial and technical.
With the prestige of one of the biggest Greek and international construction groups, which is a member of Actor Group, ensuring a constantly growing, investing in quality and innovation and service orientation shares and total customer satisfaction.
CEO of the company is involved in any kind of counseling company providing full range of legal services, accounting, banking and insurance.
Our vast experience in business management provides the ability to operate by assuming a responsible general management.
We define our success and results of purpose, which is to provide investment, working with professionalism and consistency.

Our ability

We cover a wide range of activities from civil and industrial construction, import-export to consumer products.